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Native Plant Greeting Card Series

The Native Plant series was created out of a combination of my love for environmental education and linoleum carving. With correct scale, the common name, and at least two forms of identification (leaf shape, bark / stem texture, seed pods, or different stages of growth), these cards are both decorative and educational. 


Series in progress--more plant species will be added. 


Each card is 4.25"x5.5," blank inside. For sale, $4.50 each or $20 for 5 plus transportation fees. Each card purchase includes a 100% post-consumer recycled brown A4 envelope. 

Linoleum Landscapes

Taking inspiration from the same sources as my landscape paintings, I transferred the desire to show the beauty of the Pacific Northwest to a different medium - linoleum carving printed with oil-based ink on paper. 

I created these images for my capstone at PLU, spring 2019, shown in the first picture.


Ongoing series, unnumbered.

Prints are 15.5"x19.5" with an additional 2" border 

 $75 per print plus transportation fees. 


Other Linoleum Work

I am often creating new linoleum prints and projects - contact if interested in purchasing or commissions.

Currently Pictured: 

East Side Community linoleum print - from 2019 Tacoma Wayzgoose.

Forest Stories: An artist book depicting native plants with a narrative about their role in the forest. 

Cedar Waxwing multi-block print.

Tacoma Nature Center linoleum print - from 2018 Tacoma Wayzgoose.

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Cecelia Schilling | Tacoma, WA
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